My Sister, The Potential Weirdo. (Myana Chimes In)

Hello dear reader! Before you dive in and meet my sister Myana, I highly recommend starting with this post, followed by Part II.ย  Thanks for reading! I remember when I was younger, my mom was the one who I played dress up with. She was the one that I had camp outs in the livingContinue reading “My Sister, The Potential Weirdo. (Myana Chimes In)”

How To Lose $200 & Learn To Trust Yourself – Part II

“We now return you to a post already in progress.” ย If you’re just joining the fun, feel free to head to my home page and check out Part I of this post. ย Or you can start from here and be mildly confused. ย Both are great options. I’m a carb kid. ย I was not prepared forContinue reading “How To Lose $200 & Learn To Trust Yourself – Part II”