7,305 days.  That’s how long you have been gone. Seven thousand, three hundred and five days.  I re-read the obituary this morning. I lingered over the phrase “Survivors include…”

He Is Gone

He is gone. While many will discuss the damage of his presidency, my nightmare began on December 15, 2015. That was the date of the Republican Debate and the day that my employers, at his team’s behest, racially profiled myself and two other performers of color. We were told our job was “closed for theContinue reading “He Is Gone”

In My Mother’s Garden

In my mother’s garden are some of the most beautiful flowers you’ve seen.  There are lush leafy greens and flowering plants in wildly vibrant colors.  Hues you didn’t even know existed, exist there.  The trees in her garden grow for her.  For her.  Not because it is what trees do, but because they are proudContinue reading “In My Mother’s Garden”

Polyester Gym Shorts & Losing My Dad.

My dad died today.  18 years ago. I still remember the call in the shockingly early morning hours.  To this day I’m terrified if my phone rings after 1am.  I remember my mom’s voice and I remember hearing someone scream and thinking how primal it was.  I didn’t know it was coming from my own mouth.Continue reading “Polyester Gym Shorts & Losing My Dad.”