Polyester Gym Shorts & Losing My Dad.

My dad died today.  18 years ago. I still remember the call in the shockingly early morning hours.  To this day I’m terrified if my phone rings after 1am.  I remember my mom’s voice and I remember hearing someone scream and thinking how primal it was.  I didn’t know it was coming from my own mouth.Continue reading “Polyester Gym Shorts & Losing My Dad.”

How To Lose $200 & Learn To Trust Yourself – Part II

“We now return you to a post already in progress.”  If you’re just joining the fun, feel free to head to my home page and check out Part I of this post.  Or you can start from here and be mildly confused.  Both are great options. I’m a carb kid.  I was not prepared forContinue reading “How To Lose $200 & Learn To Trust Yourself – Part II”